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3 tactics for avoiding burnout  

Old habits die hard. Sometimes they over-complicate our days because we don’t take the time to look at them. Real professionals look at the little things and how they can leverage them for big results.

3 tactics for avoiding burnout and being more productive

Do you start the day turning off the alarm on your smartphone and immediately looking at your email or texts? Do you have a hard time enjoying time-off because of the pile of work you will face when you return? Do you think you need to agree to everything anyone asks of you?

You can keep doing overdoing it. Over time you will burn out. True professionals know how to avoid that, in sometimes counter-intuitive ways.

Try one of these approaches and see how it improves your productivity and performance. You’ll have to decide how to make use of them to your benefit in your unique work culture.

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Conquer your FOMO. I love the term FOMO, i.e. fear of missing out. It drives us to look at our email or texts as soon as we wake up. Stop it. It’s not good for you. Allow your body to wake up without such an adrenaline rush. You will be in a much better frame of mind to face the day.

I know. You are going to argue that this is not going to put you in a great frame of mind. Then look a level deeper at your need to “not miss out.”

This may not seem possible in all work cultures. I ask you to take a hard look at reality versus your assumptions. 

Constantly checking your email or texts is so tempting, and commonplace. Take note of the most successful and high-level people in your organization. Are they constantly checking, in meetings for instance? Those who aren’t always checking appear much more put together. You can actually engage without distraction. Find a way to manage your FOMO.

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