Smart eating habits are of the up most importance


Behind Enemy Lines 



 Author   Wallace Rushing 

1- Health 

You can’t do anything if you are not in good health and yes we all take our health for granted. Poor health education and lack of social catering has  been suggested to shorten our life expectancy, not to mention the overall campaign to kill us. The American diet is unhealthy for us so we must watch the food we eat. There is not much good food out there so we must be very selective with what we put in our mouth. We should be just as selective with what goes into the mouth as to what clothes we wear or the car we drive. In most corporate environments, the occasional 

16 Behind Enemy Lines 

Happy hours with the enemy leads to the delving into your personal life other than what is supposed to be team building. The overt plan just to pry deeper into your personal life really is what is at stake most of the time. Alcohol as we all know can at times weaken the defense mechanism that is sure to be seen as your natural disposition flares when in danger. The overall plan of action when it comes to black men at happy hour most of the time is to assure you are not a threat or in other words not a problem or a good and safe negro. Once this is done it’s just notch in rope that you can be tamed. 

17 Behind Enemy Lines 

Lunch is usually from 11:30 till 1:30. Sit back and notice if you are really hungry and if you follow the set routine that is given for most working Americans be rest assured you will be purchasing larger sizes in pants and shirts soon along with a prescription at the local pharmacy. To maintain your health behind enemy lines working out is essential and it is good for the stress that is sure to come from the enemy.

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